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The possible action for buttons (both Android and iOS) are browser, email, phone, store, sms, urlsheme, webview, and close. For iOS, you can also use request.

Here are the effects of the differents actions :

  1. browser: Open the given url into the device's brower;

  2. email: Open the email application on the device;

  3. phone: Open the phone application;

  4. store: Open the Play Store/Apple Store on the given url;

  5. sms: Open the SMS application;

  6. urlscheme: Deep link into your application;

  7. webview: Open the given url;

  8. request: Can send an url to the application if the application is able to receive background informations and the user's device authorizes background communications;

  9. close: Does not open the application and delete the notification;

For iOS, buttons with background type can only have actions "request" or "close". By default, the second buttons for each native template (except show_share_category, offer_share_category and man_woman_category) have the type background.