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Accengage technology allows the sending of push notifications on mobile applications, Websites and Facebook Messenger.

Available in SAAS mode, its offer a large panel of functionalities in order to help advertisers to accelerate their mobile users engagement :

  • Notifications with Buttons, Images, Videos, GIFs, Sounds ...
  • In-Apps messages
  • Inbox Messages
  • Real time segmentation
  • Dynamic customization (templates, messages) 
  • Geomarketing via Geofencing and Beacons,
  • Advanced automation with real-time triggers,
  • Connectors with leading CRM & DMP solutions on the market
  • APIs for sending and retrieving data etc.. 

You will discover them gradually, by reading this documentation. If needed, do not hesitate to contact our friendly support team (http://ticket.accengage.com)

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