Enable Pushs Notifications


To enable pushs notifications for iOS, edit your config/BMA4SCordovaConfig.json file with the following line:

"ios_allowPushNotification":true, // Use iOS push notifications feature

Please see iOS Documentation for more informations.


Add your own sender Id to the config/BMA4SCordovaConfig.json file:

"android_senderId":"gcm:your-sender-id", // GCM sender id. Example : 123456

Please see Android Documentation for more informations.

Prevent RichPush notifications display

You can prevent the display of any RichPush notification, by calling: 


To reenable the RichPush Notifications, you can call:


You can enable/disable RichPush notifications at any time.

If you need to know the Rich Push lock status:


This lock does not affect In-App notifications.