This page will explain you how to link your Marketing Cloud environment to the Accengage Database.


First of all, on Marketing Cloud, download and install the plugin "Accengage Mobile CRM Connector" by following the steps explained on the email received from Salesforce.

Once installed, the connector will enable several type of data synchronizations and triggers between Accengage and Marketing Cloud.

The features are divided in two sections:

User setup

Enter your Marketing Cloud and Accengage details in order to activate the connector.

The API key can be found in your Accengage profile on our dashboard (Local Admin rights are required).

Declare your applications

You can define the name you want for each application.

The partner ID and Private Key of the Accengage environments can be found in the Accengage dashboard.

You can then submit the app declaration.


Once the app is created, you can go back to edit it and select the matching key you want to select among your Accengage device information.

Note that only the UDID (device ID) and the fields flagged as "client ID" in the Accengage database scheme can be selected.

Now that you have set up our connector we recommend you to have a look to our Userguide in order to understand how it works.