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Author: Project Jan 09, 2018
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    Page: 2.4 Updating the SDK version
    Page: 4.1.2 User geolocation
    Page: 6.3.4 About Chrome ServiceWorkers
    Page: Section 4 - User profile and behaviour tracking
    Page: 1.2 Compatibility Matrix
    Page: 4.2.2 Track 'Add to Cart' events
    Page: 4.2.3 Track purchases
    Page: 2.2 Mandatory web SDK integration steps
    Page: Section 5 - Tag management systems
    Page: 6.2.2 Concerning the Native Notification Permission
    Page: 6.2.1 Default browser setting changes
    Page: 2.1 Overview
    Page: 3.1 Overview
    Page: 6.3.2 Concerning the browser cache deletion
    Page: 6.1.8 As a user of the Accengage dashboard, do I still have one database per application ?
    Page: 1.3 Setup
    Page: 4.1 User attributes
    Page: 4.2.4 Track custom events
    Page: 3.2.3 Basic customization of the Landing Page
    Page: 5.2 Create basic interactions
    Page: 6.1.2 What is the purpose of the files available in the Zip file ?
    Page: 6.3 The user is already opt-in
    Page: 6.1.6 Can I have duplicated users between ones optin in HTTP and ones optin in HTTPs for the same website ?
    Page: 4.2 Behaviour tracking with events
    Page: 6.1.3 Is the new opt-in process available for all users ?
    Page: 4.1.1 Enrich User profile with custom device information (or User Attributes)
    Page: 7.2 Push plugin
    Page: 3.2.1 Edit the JSON plugin configuration
    Page: 6.1 Optin method through my own domain
    Page: 6.1.1 What are the prerequisites to use the new opt-in process ?
    Page: 7.3 Track plugin
    Page: 7.4 Collect plugin
    Page: 6.1.4 What happens if my website is avaialble both in HTTP and HTTPs ?
    Page: Section 7 - JS Doc
    Page: 3.3 Advanced design customization for the pop-in alert
    Page: 6.4 How to migrate your project from GCM to FCM ?
    Page: 2.3 Create commands to interact with the Javascript
    Page: Section 6 - Troubleshooting
    Page: 6.1.7 Can I use buttons, specific pages, interstitials etc... to display the native the native pop to the user ?
    Page: 6.3.1 How to retrieve my own Device ID ?
    Page: Section 3 - Customization and optimizations of the opt-in process
    Page: 3.4 Advanced opt-in scenarios
    Page: 3.2.4 Custom error option
    Page: 7.5 Facebook Messenger plugin
    Page: 3.6 Useful commands
    Page: 3.2 Basic opt-in process customization
    Page: 5.1 Integrate the SDK in your site
    Page: 6.2 The user is not yet opt-in
    Page: 3.2.2 Basic customization of the Html Popin Alert
    Page: 7.1 Core plugin
    Page: 6.1.5 Can I update my SDK version without using the new opt-in process ?
    Page: 4.2.1 Track leads
    Page: Section 1 - Getting started
    Page: 1.4 Configure the Accengage dashboard
    Page: 2.2.1 Copy and paste the Snippet
    Page: Section 2 - Web SDK Integration
    Page: 1.1 Prerequisites
    Page: 2.2.2 Test sending Web Push Notifications
    Page: 6.2.3 Concerning the Accengage HTML Alert
    Page: 3.5 Scenario Triggering Options
    Page: 6.3.3 Changing the Native Notification Permissions
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