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Enable Push Notifications

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idEnable Push notifications

To enable push notifications for iOS, edit


your config/BMA4SCordovaConfig.json file with the following line: 

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"ios_allowPushNotification":true, // Use iOS push notifications feature

To enable multiple language support for interactive notifications, add the language localization to your project:

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iOS 10 Rich Notifications


The latest version of the plugin supports iOS 10 Rich Notifications. However, to be able to receive these notifications you'll need to add the corresponding extension and the AccengageExtension framework manually to your project. 

Please see our iOS Media attachments Documentation for the required steps and more information on this topic.


Add your own sender Id to the config/BMA4SCordovaConfig.json



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"android_senderId":"gcm:your-sender-id", // GCM sender id. Example : 123456



see Android Documentation


 for more information.

Prevent RichPush notifications display

You can prevent the display of any RichPush notification, by calling: