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To enable push follow our android documentation to create a FCM project if you don't have one. Otherwise, follow our android documentation to migrate your GCM project to FCM.

Prevent Rich Push Notifications display

You can prevent the display of any RichPush notification, by calling: 

To reenable the RichPush Notifications, you can call:

You can enable/disable RichPush notifications at any time.




In order to register for user notifications, you can call the registerForUserNotificationsWithOptions() method. This means that you're no longer required to maintain the registration by yourself, just call this method and the library will request notification authorization for you.


Your must register for user notifications every time your app is launched.


The Xamarin plugin supports iOS 12 provisional authorization. You can register this way by using following options :




You can get more informations about this feature in the native iOS SDK documentation.

Media attachments

iOS 10 introduces support for rich notifications, it adds the abitity to send push with media attachments such as images, sounds and videos.

Rich notifications are available on iPhone 5s or later, iPad Pro, iPad Air or later, and iPad mini 2 or later.

To enable this functionality, you will need to create a Notification Service Extension.


Only work with Xamarin.iOS 10.4 and higher.

  1. Once your notification service is created, add the nuget package Xamarin.Accengage.iOS.Extension in extension.
  2. Inherit from ACCNotificationServiceExtension in NotificationService and delete all the code generated by Xamarin.

It is possible to disable the display of push using :

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