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You can download the latest version of the SDK at the following address: AccengageSDK

Import Bma4S SDK DLL into your solution

Start NuGet Packages and look for AccengageSDK. Click on Install to add the SDK reference to your project.

You can use the NuGet Console with the following command:

If you are experiencing some difficulties, please see our Troubleshooting section.

Editing Application Configuration

The SDK needs some capabilities to work correctly:


Editing your App.xaml.cs

You need to replace the value partner-id and secret-key with your owns. The service and channel names are optional. See Push Notifications.

In your App.xaml.cs, just add this line in the Application_Launching method:

This way, you will be able to use Tracking services and In-App notifications.

Windows Phone 8+ steps

You need to add the bma4s protocol in your app to be able to extract logs of the SDK from your app. Open your WMAppManifest.xml in XML Editor and add the following lines in <Extensions></Extensions>, after all <Extension> tags:

For example:

If you use an UriMapper to process the incoming URI, you need to add the following line in your UriMapper:

For example:

The Accengage Uri Mapper is only for Debug Apps. It is only requested to extract logs and display DeviceID.

Encountering difficulties with our SDK? Please read our Troubleshooting section for more informations.


In order to test your integration, you can create a segment with your device id and try to activate an In-App on your segment.

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