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Accengage provides you with 2 opt-in process :

  • One is done on the Accengage's domain (or a custom domain):
    • the opt-in process will be done through the Accengage's domain (or a custom domain) and users will be ask to opt-in through a landing page which, when displayed, will call the browser's native permission

    • This optinization process is available for websites in HTTP and HTTPs

    • Check out this documentation  to implement it
  • The other is done directly on your own domain :
    • the opt-in process will be done through your own domain and the browser's permission will be called directly without the display of a landing page

    • to use this method you must integrate our SDK 3.3.x and activate this optinization method in your Accengage dashboard

    • this optinization process is available only for websites in HTTPs

    • Please, check out our FAQ to know how to implement this new process !

Note that those methods are cumulable meaning that if your website is avaialble in the HTTP and HTTPs, users navigating through HTTP will be ask to opt-in through the Accengage's landing page and users navigating through HTTPs will be ask to opt-in through the browser's native permission (if you have implemented and activated the process in your Accengage dashboard)

The Accengage Web library provides a JavaScript module that will enable your web application to use with ease Accengage's notification management.

The current version is 3.3.x and currently works with Chrome 42+, Firefox 44+, and will soon support Safari
You can access this demo page to see an example of the SDK's integration.

  • click here if you are migrating from an older version
  • follow this link to check our previous documentation for the version 2
  • check this page to view our changelog

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