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Integrating the SDK in your site

The aim: use the SDK in your pages

 No change in the content of your pages is required. You will only need to create one tag that implements the snippet.

First, you will have to click on the “ Tags ” menu item, then create a new Tag, and select Custom HTML Tag:

“ Accengage SDK Snippet Integration ” Custom HTML Tag


In the “ Configure Tag ”, you have to paste the JavaScript snippet code (see description here) wrapped within HTML </script> tags. Then choose the pages where the Tag will be launched.

The Accengage Web SDK is now integrating in your website. You can also add a priority to be sure that the snippet will be available as soon as possible. To do so, go to the Configure Tag section of the form, then Advanced Settings > Tag Firing Priority.

Create basic interactions

The aim: use the SDK and create some commands (e.g. an update device info), in your pages.

No change in the content of your pages is required. You must create two tags: one containing the snippet, the other one containing the commands you want.


While the previous snippet integration Tag has been created, we will now create another Custom HTML Tag:

“ Accengage SDK Basic Interaction ” Custom HTML Tag


In this example, the newly Tag will be fired in every pages, you can also configure it in the Fire On section of the tag.
Within it, you will then use the library by creating "commands". You can write a command to show the optinisation alert, create an update device info, etc. Please visit our API reference to check the available commands.




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