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If your application is hybrid and embeds webviews, you will probably want to tag certain information contained in your webviews.

In that case, the regular methods of Update Device Information, or Events cannot be used, but tagging these information is possible if you follow the below instructions.


In order to activate web content tracking, please contact your Accengage Project Manager for the exact procedure.

First, follow one of those next steps depending on the component you're using: UIWebView or WKWebView.


If you're using the UIWebView component, just replace it with the A4SWebView.


If you're using the WKWebView component, you can simply replace it with the ACCWKWebView. But if you prefer avoiding the use of a subclass, you could implement the tracking manually.

  1. Inject the Accengage WKUserScript to your WKUserContentController 

    • Add the handler for the Accengage messages 

      • Initialize your WKWebView

        • Handle the Accengage messages 

            Once you've integrated the right component, you can now tag your web content.

            To do so, follow this documentation.

            Don't forget, as for regular custom user data or events, to declare them inside the Accengage dashboard.

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