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InAppNotification observers

You can be notified when the SDK displays or closes an inAppNotification or when a user clicks on it.

 You can add an observer like this :

    Custom parameters

    You can set up in-app messages in the Accengage dashboard so that custom parameters are transmitted to your application when the in-app message is displayed, or clicked.

    This can be useful if you would like to redirect the user to a deeplink, trigger a feature, or if you would like to transmit the information to your analytics.

    You can be notified when the SDK sends data, by adding an observer like this : 

      You can also use the previously mentioned inapp notification observers to extract custom parameters. 

      The custom parameters filled in Accengage Back Office will be present in the userInfo dictionary of the transmitted NSNotification object.

      Prevent in-App message display

      The Accengage SDK will display your in-app message as soon as all conditions you've specified in the Accengage dashboard are met. Therefore it can be useful sometimes to prevent the display of in-App messages, when it is irrelevant, for instance during the splash screen, if an ad is displayed, or if the user is performing a critical action.

      For this reason, the Accengage SDK provides a "Lock" option.

      Be careful always to unlock the In-App message display at the relevant time, as this is a common mistake.

      You can prevent the display of any inApp notification, by calling :

        To reenable the inApp Notifications, you can call : 

          You can enable/disable inApp notifications at any time.

          If you want to lock inapp notifications at startup (while displaying an ad, or during a splash screen for instance), set the lock before launching the SDK.

            This lock does not affect push notifications.

            To activate the locks on push notifications, follow this link : Push notifications .

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