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Carousel template is a rich notification template so before starting please make sure you are able to receive push with media attachments. If not, please refer to the Media Attachments section.


To enable the Carousel template in your project, you will need to create a Notification Content Extension.


Deployment target

By default, XCode set the most recent iOS version available as deployment target. If you run your application on a device that has an older iOS version, push notifications with carousel template won't be able to work. We recommend to set 10.0 as deployment target.


    1. In your Podfile, add the pod Accengage-iOS-SDK-Extension to your newly created target :

    2. Then, update your Cocoapods project.


    Link the AccengageExtension.framework to your newly created target



    Then, change the newly created NotificationViewController class in such a way that it inherits from ACCNotificationContentViewController and replace the code created by XCode by the following one :



      In the NotificationViewController scene of the file newly created MainInterface.storyboard file, delete the default Hello world label.

      Finally, in the Info.plist of the extension, update UNNotificationExtensionCategory to acc_carousel_category


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