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Update the file config/BMA4SCordovaConfig.json with your PartnerID and you privateKey BEFORE preparing/building your app on Cordova.

After you changed the values inside BMA4SCordovaConfig.json and you have built your app once, you can't change your config anymore using this file.

You have to do a full plugin remove and then a plugin add again.

Never the less, you can manually change your configuration by editing some files. 

For instance, Android SDK configuration is inside both plugins/android.json ,plugins/com.bma4s.sdk.plugins.cordova/plugin.xml and platforms/android/AndroidManifest.xml files.

This way is not recommended (it's better to save the config folder, then do a full plugin reinstallation and finally restore your saved config folder before calling cordova prepare or cordova build)

Android Only

In order to be able to compile, you have to use at least the target android-21. Please check your platfoms/android/project.properties file:

If the line target displays a target below android-21, please change it to:

BMA4SCordovaConfig example:

Please DO NOT copy paste the content of this example (comments are not allowed inside a valid JSON file) Fields with * means REQUIRED

Advanced Integration

Please see platform related (iOS,Android) documentation for more information (methods usage, advanced integration..)

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