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List of templates for buttons categories from Accengage.


EnglishFrenchCategory value
:o) / :o(:o) / :o(happy_unhappy_category
Yes / LaterOui / Plus tardyes_later_category
Accept / DeclineAccepter / Refuseraccept_decline_category
Accept / LaterAccepter / Plus tardaccept_later_category
I agree / I disagreeD'accord / Pas d'accordagree_disagree_category
Satisfied / UnsatisfiedSatisfait / Non satisfaitsatisfied_unsatisfied_category
Buy now / LaterJ'achète / Plus tardbuy_later_category
Show me / ShareVoir l'article / Partagershow_share_category
Share / LaterPartager / Plus tardshare_later_category
Add to wishlist / LaterMettre en favoris / Plus tardfavorite_later_category
Show offer / ShareVoir l'offre / Partageroffer_share_category
Show the deal / LaterVoir le deal / Plus tarddeal_later_category
Enjoy now  / No thanksEn profiter / Non mercienjoy_nothanks_category
Add to cart  / No thanksAjouter au panier / Non merciaddcart_nothanks_category
Show cart / LaterVoir mon panier / Plus tardshowcart_later_category
Access booking / LaterVoir ma réservation / Plus tardshowbooking_later_category
Access details / LaterVoir mon billet / Plus tardshowticket_later_category
Man / WomanHomme / Femmeman_woman_category
Show me / CloseAfficher / Fermershow_close_category
Share  / No thanksPartager / Non mercishare_nothanks_category
Open / CloseOuvrir / Fermeropen_close_category
Like / LaterJ'aime / Plus tardlike_later_category
Like / DislikeJ'aime / Je n'aime paslike_dislike_category
Subscribe  / No thanksS'abonner / Non mercisubscribe_nothanks_category
Subscribe / CancelS'inscrire / Annulerregister_cancel_category
Login / CloseSe connecter / Fermerlogin_close_category
Create an account / CloseCréer un compte / Fermercreateaccount_close_category
Get more / Get lessRecevoir plus / Recevoir moinsgetmore_getless_category
Get more  / No thanksRecevoir plus / Non  getmore_no_category
Call / LaterAppeler / Plus tardcall_later_category
Add to calendar / CloseAjouter au calendrier / Fermeraddcalendar_close_category
Answer it / CloseRépondre / Fermeranswer_close_category
Take part / CloseParticiper / Fermertakepart_close_category
Give a feedback  / No thanksDonner mon avis / Non mercigivefeedback_nothanks_category
Rate the app / LaterNoter l'application / Plus tardrate_later_category
I have a feedback / LaterAméliorer l'application / Plus tardhavefeedback_later_category
See more / CloseEn savoir plus / Fermerseemore_close_category
Search / CloseRechercher / Fermersearch_close_category
Find / CloseDécouvrir / Fermerfind_close_category
Read / CloseConsulter / Fermerread_close_category
Let's go / CloseJ'y vais / Fermerletsgo_close_category
I'm in  / No thanks J'en suis / Non merciimin_nothanks_category

The possible action for buttons (both Android and iOS) are browser, email, phone, store, sms, urlsheme, webview, and close. For iOS, you can also use request.

Here are the effects of the differents actions :

  1. browser: Open the given url into the device's brower;

  2. email: Open the email application on the device;

  3. phone: Open the phone application;

  4. store: Open the Play Store/Apple Store on the given url;

  5. sms: Open the SMS application;

  6. urlscheme: Deep link into your application;

  7. webview: Open the given url;

  8. request: Can send an url to the application if the application is able to receive background informations and the user's device authorizes background communications;

  9. close: Does not open the application and delete the notification;

For iOS, buttons with background type can only have actions "request" or "close". By default, the second buttons for each native template (except show_share_category, offer_share_category and man_woman_category) have the type background.

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