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Here is the changelog of the latest versions of the SDK and plugins


    4.0.1 (Hotfix) - 29 July 2019

    • Fix bug related to Alarm feature

    4.0.0 - 22 July 2019

    • AndroidX compatibility
    • Wait for device unlocking before launching Push action
    • Fix for gzip decompression images
    • Fix crash related to exception not caught when registering to FCM

    3.8.6 - 27 May 2019

    • Improvement in GDPR implementation
    • Enhancement in new UDI method
    • Fix bug related to Keyguard

    3.8.5 - 05 April 2019

    • Fix threading issue causing ANRs in InApp module
    • Fix for UDI method when request are sent with a very small interval
    • Fix bug related to Beacon ContentProvider not being instanciated properly
    • Fix bug related to alarm not being checked in InApp module

    3.8.4 - 10 January 2019

    • Fix issue regarding custom URL override
    • Fix issue regarding tracking display/dismiss of Push Notification when app does not have network
    • Fix issue regarding dynamic partnerId change
    • Fix issue regarding spacing in BigTextBigPicture template

    3.8.3 - 12 November 2018

    • Use of JobScheduler API for managing Geofence Notifications
    • Use of JobScheduler API for managing Alarm Notifications
    • Add service interruption for Subscription Tag

    3.8.2 (HotFix) - 10 October 2018

    • Fix DeviceTag deletion

    3.8.1 (Minor) - 5 September 2018

    • Update ProGuard rules
    • Fix text display in Pop-Up for InApp
    • Update the way click events are handled for Interstitial InApp

    14 August 2018

    • Due to Kotlin related issues, we had to remove versions 3.7.2, 3.7.1 & 3.7.0 from our Bintray repository to prevent issues in your apps.
      Please, use the version 3.8.0

    3.8.0 (Major) - 26 July 2018

    • New API for updating Device Information
    • New API for registering Device Tag
    • Add API for monitoring geofence regions
    • Tracking dismiss / display of push notification
    • Removal of Kotlin 

    3.7.2 (Hotfix) - 8 June 2018


    • Fixed overriding of device information on Android Oreo
    • Fixed issue regarding geolocation info not being sent to server

    3.7.1 (Minor) - 31 May 2018


    • Fixed app name displaying 2 times on Android 7.0+
    • Fixed crash when a deeplink doesn't exist
    • Fixed crash with the method trackEvent() when no second parameter is given

    3.7.0 (Major) - 07 May 2018

    New features


    • Kotlin dependency added (see our Migration Guide to see how to handle it)

    3.6.5 (Minor) - 02 March 2018


    • Push: Fixed a possible duplication of the rich push
    • AccIdsContentProvider is not obfuscated any more
    • Fixed a few crashs linked with the SDK IPC mechanism
    • Firebase plugin updated to 2.0 (Firebase version 11.8.0) (Hotfix) - 03 January 2018



    • Crash monitoring: fixed authority name conflicts which could arise in certain rare cases
    • Google Play Services Plugin updated to 11.8.0

    3.6.4 (Minor) - 13 December 2017


    New Features

    • Crash monitoring (beta) - Please implement the following workaround if you are using version 3.6.4, otherwise  you can update directly to
    • Add dismissView to cancel a view that was previously set (to avoid setting a new one for another fragment, for instance)


    • support-v4 is replaced by support-compat library (API 27)
    • push opt-in status is now synchronized with the server
    • A4SIdsProvider is deprecated and replaced by AccIdsContentProvider
    • Fixed a bug when a POST request content is not sent if it contains the word 'null'

    3.6.3 (Minor) - 26 October 2017



    • Fixed a crash while the SDK service initialisation

    3.6.2 (Minor) - 11 September 2017



    • Fixed a crash when an interactive button with browser action is clicked

    3.6.1 (Minor) - 09 August 2017


    New Features

    • Minimum Android SDK is now 14 (Android 4.0)
    • Android O Background limitations support
    • Android O Notifications Channels support
    • Upgrade to Support Library v26.0.0
    • Add new push interactive buttons actions: none and request


    • Fixed crash when the service is destroyed before being fully initialized
    • Push token is correctly send at each application start (Hotfix) - 24 August 2017



    • Fixed crash when the service is destroyed before being fully initialized
    • Push token is correctly send at each application start (Hotfix) - 18 July 2017



    • Push: insecure push is disabled by default
    • Inbox: provided a public access to message ID and button message ID (required for Messaging with Firebase)
    • Inbox: Fixed a parsing of button custom parameters

    3.6.0 (Major) - 26 June 2017



    New Features


    • The custom BigTextBigPicture push template now uses Android N guidelines in last versions of Android
    • Remove Facebook integration inside the Accengage SDK
    • Opt-in status in now correctly send in Android N
    • Custom In-Apps lifecycle now correctly manage click capping
    • Static List now contains name
    • Fixed capping loss when In-App is disabled and re-enabled
    • Minor bugfixes

    Known Issues

    • When a push is received, a toast is displayed. You need to disable the secure push. Add in your strings.xml:


    3.5.4 (Minor) - 09 August 2017


    New Features

    • Minimum Android SDK is now 14 (Android 4.0)
    • Android O Background limitations support
    • Android O Notifications Channels support
    • Upgrade to Support Library v26.0.0


    • Fixed capping loss when In-App is disabled and re-enabled
    • Plugin Google Play Services updated to 10.2.6

    3.5.3 (Minor) - 27 March 2017



    • In-App: Fixed click capping for custom In-App templates. InApp.handleClick() now handle click capping
    • Geofence: Fixed link between geofences and groups and personalization fields.
    • StaticList: Fixed the name property. It's not empty if a static list has a name.

    3.5.2 (Minor) - 6 March 2017



    • Fixed crash when Rich Push is displayed. Some IDs were removed by Gradle when application min SDK is 21.
    • Fixed crash when application is killed before the SDK fully register all services (produce an IllegalArgumentException Service not registered)
    • Fixed push accent color parsing. The parameter now supports #RRGGBB and #AARRGGBB formats
    • Fixed a compatibility error preventing HTML5 videos working in banners. (Hotfix) - 09 January 2017




    • Alarm: Fixed a rare crash when alarm is displayed
    • Alarm: Fixed interactive buttons tracking

    3.5.1 (Minor) - 03 November 2016


    New Features


    • Alarm: Fixed a rare crash while checking alarm

    • Push: Fixed the task's back stack for interactive buttons

    • Push: isA4SPush method is become public and relocated to A4S class

    • In-App: Improved the interstitial template with a navigation bar

    • In-App: System custom fields can be used in the rich push url

    • Beacons: Fixed a case when newly registered beacons may not be detected (Hotfix) - 22 August 2016



    • NotificationClientCreator is no more mandatory to have working push actions

    3.5.0 (Major) - 08 August 2016


    New Features

    • Minimum Android SDK is now 9 (Android 2.3)
    • In-App/Alarm: Pressure by categories
    • In-App: Possibility to customise In-App's templates at runtime
    • Alarm: Possibility to shift or cancel an alarm within exclusion range
    • Push: Possibility to display Notifications Buttons in Notification Popup
    • Push: Possibility to customise Notifications templates and actions at runtime


    • Alarm: Fixed alarm set with calendar date
    • Alarm: Alarm content is refreshed even if alarm is already set
    • Push: Fixed GCM unsubscribtion when Push are disabled
    • Push: Fixed push display on some devices with API 9
    • Push: Badges feature is now a separate component
    • Inbox: Add getters to access customs params of Inbox Messages and Buttons


    • Minimum Android SDK is now 9. Android SDK under 9 are no more supported. Use SDK 3.4.x if needed

    Known issue

    If you come from a SDK 3.3.x version or earlier, please follow the migration guide.

    3.4.2 (Minor) - 04 November 2016


    • Alarm: Fixed a rare crash while checking alarm
    • Alarm: Fixed alarm set with calendar date
    • In-App: Improved the interstitial template with a navigation bar
    • Push: Fixed GCM unsubscribtion when Push are disabled
    • Beacons: Fixed a case when newly registered beacons may not be detected
    • Inbox: Add getters to access customs params of Inbox Messages and Buttons (Minor) - 25 July 2016


    • Refresh Device ID in Application Process to correctly replace Device ID in In-App URLs

    3.4.1 (Minor) - 31 May 2016


    • Fixed a conflict with default application SharedPreferences
    • Fixed a cache of Update Device Info when requests are merged
    • Push: Resource ids are properly generated for bigpicture templates
    • All 3.3.1 fixes

    3.4.0 (Major) - 14 April 2016

    New Features

    • In-App/Alarm: Add support for persistent messages
    • In-App: Complete customisation of Popup templates
    • Alarm: Add click capping support
    • Beacons/Geofence: Add support for personalization fields
    • Beacons/Geofence: Add support for groups
    • Push: The SDK can now use vectorial icons for push


    • Tracking: Change trackEvent signature, a value is now mandatory
    • Alarm: Alarm timer now start correctly when the user leaves the app (depending Accengage User Interface configuration)
    • Update GooglePlayServices : InstanceID is now used instead old deprecated APIs (Google Play Services minimum version is now 2.0.0)
    • All 3.3.1 fixes


    • Eclipse support. Android Studio is now mandatory


    The 3.3.x is our last version supporting Eclipse. Please migrate to Android Studio to be able to use our last release.

    3.3.1 (Minor) - 3 May 2016

    New Features

    • Push: The SDK can now use vectorial icons for push


    • Tracking: Update Device Info cache is now reset at each session
    • Push: Enable tracking for Push Notification Buttons
    • Badge: Fixed a compilation error that could prevent some launchers support
    • Badge: Fixed rare crash when badge was reset
    • Rich Push: Fixed rare NullPointerException when A4SInterstitial's orientation changed
    • In-App/Alarm: In-Apps are now correctly refreshed after Update Device Info completion
    • In-App: Better In-Apps redirection managment
    • In-App: Fixed rare crash when an In-App was ready to display but is no more available (after an InAppConfig refresh)
    • In-App: Fixed crash when an existing timer from an In-App was removed
    • In-App: Fixed an issue with cyrillic (2 bytes UTF-8) letters
    • Alarm: A CancelAlarm does not necessarily cancel an alarm for the entire session
    • Geofence: Improve monitoring algorithm and optimise the impact on battery (Low battery impact)


    3.3.0 (Major) - 13 January 2016

    New Features

    • Static Lists : Add/Remove and get subscription status for lists of users
    • In-App/Alarm : Global Capping between distinct messages
    • In-App/Alarm : Global Delay between distinct messages
    • Push : Custom notification sound
    • Push : Badge (with count) can now be displayed on your Launcher Icon (ADW, APEX, Asus, HTC, LG, NOVA, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi)
    • Permission status for PermissionGroups (Calendar, Location..) can now be retrieved and synced with our servers (Android 5.0+)


    • Source is now automatically updated on In-App Click (in order to track actions and events triggered following a Click)
    • Action CLOSE is now broadcasted when Rich Push is closed (broadcast includes custom parameters). 
      This should help you trigger action after a Landing Page has been seen and closed by users (like a deep link)
    • You can now remove toast displays when Accengage logs are activated
    • Optimized Facebook Integration (More details for events, Session handling and updated version in order to remove deprecation warnings on Facebook Dashboard)
    • Slightly optimized In-App Popup tracking
    • Fixed a rare case where bulkable requests were retried too many times
    • Fixed a potential Android Studio compile error due to a missing id in a push custom template
    • Fixed a regression on InApp "File". File is now correctly broadcasted to the developer
    • All 3.2.3 fixes

    3.2.3 (Minor) - 6 January 2016

    • Fixed a rare crash when an In-App is closed (due to the following 3.1.8 fix : Fixed sound that was still playing when WebView is in background)
    • External tasks are now correctly persisted and restored
    • Title and Content in Popup are now correctly left aligned (following Material Design guidelines)

    3.2.2 (Minor) - 16 November 2015

    • Fixed a crash for URL Schemes containing special character '%'
    • All 3.1.8 fixes

    3.2.1 (Minor) - 8 October 2015

    • You can now use distinct templates for GCM and ADM
    • Fixed icon size in the Accengage Push Template for ADM pushes
    • Rules about Beacons and Geofences are now checked when alarms are scheduled AND before displaying a Scheduled Alarm
    • Fixed a rare case where the In-App Popup does not properly launch the Landing Page
    • Fixed a crash due to Recurrence persistence
    • In-App Callbacks now return the container's id and template name
    • All 3.1.7 fixes (Minor) - 21 September 2015

    • Fixed GCMHandler wrongly obfuscated
    • Fixed rare crash with Icon in Popup (In-App and Push messages)
    • Fixed wrong push token formats returned by GCM

    3.2.0 (Major) - 9 September 2015

    New Features

    • Beacons (Geofence and beacons can now be used to trigger In-App and/or Scheduled alarms)
    • Push Notifications  with Buttons (like iOS Interactive Notifications)
    • Amazon Cloud Messaging support and plugin (available soon)
    • Multiple in-app displays, advanced positionning and new lifecycle management
    • In-App closing and updateDeviceInfo method are now available through URLs and SchemeURLs
    • In-App Global and Session Timers
    • In-App Exclusions
    • External web services (Facebook for instance) are now cached and managed like internal ones

    Major Changes

    • GCMHandler can now be extended in order to make easier multiple push system management
    • CartPurchaseItem currencies must now be a valid ISO4217 format (or an exception will be thrown)
    • Removed Members feature; related methods are not accessible anymore. If you were using the feature, please remove/replace it
    • Removed deprecated updateUserPreferences method, please replace it with updateDeviceInfo method


    • sendGCMToken, please use sendPushToken instead
    • setDoNotTrackEnabled, please use enableTracking / disableTracking instead, this new method let's you decide if you want to flush all pending requests or not
    • isDoNotTrackEnabled, please use isTrackingEnabled instead
    • isGCMEnabled and setGCMEnabled, please use isPushEnabled and setPushEnabled instead


    • You can now use getA4S().setIntent() inside the onNewIntent method instead of this.setIntent()
    • SDK Logs are now more detailed and clearer
    • App Icon is now displayed next to A4SPopup title when Popup is triggered by a Push or Shceduled alarm
    • All fixes

    3.1.8 (Minor) - 16 November 2015

    • Fixed sound that was still playing when WebView was in background
    • Fixed Push Notification large icon size that was too big on some devices and Android versions
    • Fixed a rare case when clicking on a notification failed to start the application (due to an issue with the Android Framework)
    • Fixed accent color that were sometimes not correctly applied to custom extended notification templates
    • Add tags to network requests. You can now visualize Accengage SDK requests using DDMS.

    3.1.7 (Minor) - 8 October 2015

    • GooglePlayServices Plugin : Fixed some issues with some Backoff behaviors. It's recommended to update the plugin to the latest version (1.6.1)
    • GCM Token is now filtered to exclude bad tokens (returned by GCM in rare cases or manually provided)
    • Scheduled Alarms are no more canceled when a new configuration is loaded
    • Fixed a crash when displaying Popup with Icon in some versions of Android
    • Fixed a known Android 4.2 crash with webview component when Accessibility Speech is activated.
    • Fixed a crash when Landing Page's URL is wrongly configured
    • Slightly optimized Scheduled Alarm tracking
    • Fixed a bug with In-App display when "Display only once by event" option is checked
    • Fixed : In-App Text templates without action are now correctly capturing the click (elements under the banner/interstitial are not clickable anymore)
    • In-App Pop-ups are now scrollable

  (Minor) - 19 August 2015

    • Fixed Push Backoff delay not working as expected when Push services are installed but registration is temporarily unavailable
    • Fixed InApp PopMessage triggering 2 Display Tracking instead of one when device is rotated
    • Fixed Android 6.0 Anti-Backup Strategy


    3.1.6 (Minor) - 17 August 2015

    • Some minor changes for the SDK to anticipate compatibility with Android 6.0 Marshmallow (tested with Developer Preview 2)
    • IMPORTANT : A4SSDK-GooglePlayServices Plugin has been updated, please update it if you are planning to build your app with targetSDKVersion 23
    • Fixed opening app "source" that could be wrong in some rare cases
    • Fixed 2 rare cases of NullPointerException for In-App module
    • Fixed 1 rare case of NullPointerException for RequestManager modules
    • Fixed com_ad4screen_sdk_template_text_fullscreen_nobuttons template that wrongly contained some buttons
    • 2 minor fixes (JSON Serialization of null objects + isRestrictedConnection method could, in some rare cases, wrongly return false)
    • Fixed a rare case where an in-app could be wrongly displayed with event and/or state conditions due to a problem with session reset
    • Fixed Inbox Message "sendDate" that was wrong if user local time was not GMT+2
    • Fixed error messages that could not be correctly parsed when coming from a bulk request

    3.1.5 (Minor) - 15 July 2015

    • Fixed a rare case where the GCM Registration payload is null
    • Fixed rare cases of ConcurrentModificationException and NullPointerException on RequestManager
    • Fixed minor memory leak
    • Fixed truncate prices in A4SWebView's events

    3.1.4 (Minor) - 18 June 2015

    • Better request error management
    • Fixed UpdateDeviceInfo that sometimes could not be sent with values like "+1" or "-1" because SDK considered wrongly that these values had already been sent
    • A4SWebview is now debuggable when you are compiling your app in debug mode
    • Fixed a rare case of request loss on first app open
    • Fixed trackPurchase item price and totalPrice that were converted to integers when the event was launched from a Webview
    • Fixed a very rare case of GCM tokens that could be invalidated and not correctly refreshed when app was updated

    3.1.3 (Minor) - 9 April 2015

    • Fixed Push that could not be displayed correctly on API 8,9,10 (Android 2.2 and 2.3)
    • Push logo is not downloaded anymore on platforms that do not support notification largeIcon (display is faster)
    • Bitmap download timeout is increased from 10 sec to 20 sec (this improves chances of downloading a picture/logo when Internet connection isn't very good)
    • Various minor fixes on extended push picture and logo display (BigPictureStyle and related templates)
    • Fixed country code and language fields that could be wrong if Locale.setDefault was called inside your app
    • Fixed rare cases of ConcurrentModificationException on RequestManager
    • Fixed a rare case of NullPointerException at launch of A4SPopup
    • Fixed a very rare webview inflate crash when an inApp is displayed
    • Fixed a very rare crash due to String encoding problem on some devices
    • Fixed wrong default script URL on A4SWebview (default script URL is only a backup URL used if our server does not give a script URL to use. Because it's never the case, you should not notice any difference)
    • Minor fix on member feature
    • Fixed identification problems due to bad signature calculation in non-utf8 languages

    3.1.2 (Minor) - 12 March 2015

    • Added  BigPictureStyle support and a custom A4S BigPictureStyle template which can display multiple lines of text
    • SDK now retrieves  system push opt-in and opt-out (“Display notification” checkbox status in app settings)
    • Inbox Sample has been completely redesigned. Integration should now be easier
    • SDK has now fully migrated to  new webservice architecture. This means that the SDK will now do less network requests and battery consumption will be reduced.
    • In-App: A check is now done in order to check if configuration has expired before displaying any in-app message (same as iOS)
    • SDK can now detect if GCM sender id has changed from previous launch and automatically updates registration
    • Removed  documentLaunchMode and  maxRecents from SDK Manifest
    • Updated  cache behavior (request will be retried at app launch for 5 days vs. 3 weeks previously)
    • Push: Popup will no longer be displayed when device is locked or screen is off
    • Push: accent color is now applied only if an alternative small icon is provided
    • A4SWebview: setView, trackLead, trackPurchase, trackAddToCart and updateDeviceInfo methods can now be called from a webview
    • A4SWebview: custom script URL can now replace URL parameters like |partnerId|
    • Delay between two displays of a same In-App message is now enabled between sessions
    • Fixed  In-App animations (enter/exit) that could be triggered multiple times if webview is redirected multiple times. This feature is not yet available on our server.
    • Fixed  In-App Popup that could sometimes show up on A4SInterstitial activity and prevent LandingPage display
    • Fixed a crash on  Text Landing Page (only on text specific templates) when orientation changes
    • Fixed a potential small memory leak
    • Fixed  Inbox feature that was not working correctly since 3.1.0
    • Fixed a rare case of Bitmap download failing without reason
    • Fixed 3 rare NullPointerException crashes
    • GooglePlayServices Plugin: Fixed a rare NullPointerException crash due to GC
    • GooglePlayServices Plugin: Fixed Geofence transition broadcast that was not correctly sent to your receiver (Minor) - 3 February 2015

    • Added the ability to set a custom script to A4SWebview from Manifest
    • Fixed A4SWebview that was not able to track an https page due to new Chromium webview version (Android 4.3+)
    • Fixed Geolocation, InApp and RequestManager modules that could in some rare cases not shutdown properly
    • If shrinkResources is enabled, SDK's required resources are now kept (previously removed because wrongly considered as useless by gradle system)

    3.1.1 (Minor) - 27 November 2014

    • Fixed updateMemberInfo/updateDeviceInfo crash on duplicate key/value
    • Fixed a rare IndexOutOfBoundsException on RequestManager
    • Fixed a rare crash on A4SPopup
    • Changed Proguard config for Gradle
    • Removed access_fine_location permission from library Manifest.  This permission must now be added to your app manifest.

    3.1.0 (Major) - 4 november 2014

    • New Feature: Push Notifications are now using new Android 5.0 Lollipop Design and Webview LandingPage has been updated (buttons, fonts, ripple effect, ..).  To add this new feature to your app, Please see: Push Notifications
    • New Feature: Local Notifications (define push notification that can be displayed after an event or/and a delay, even in offline mode)
    • New Feature: You can now define a tracking mode to Restricted or Normal in order to fit your privacy needs.  Please see: Set a Tracking mode
    • New Feature: All SDK requests are now using HTTPS+OAuth by default and all requests are cached/merged and group sent
    • New Feature: Added Push Notification customization,  please see : Customizing Push Notifications
    • New Feature: Added  setRestrictedConnection and  isRestrictedConnection methods, you can use it to stop temporarily any network requests from our SDK,  please see Optional Code
    • New Feature: Added  setView method, you can use it to define a view by code,  please see In-App Advanced
    • New Feature: Geolocation is available through our GooglePlayServices plugin,  please see Plugins
    • New Feature: Geofencing is available through our GooglePlayServices plugin,  please see Geofencing
    • New Feature: File format support added,  please see Deep Linking
    • New Feature: In-App webviews without LandingPage are now browsable (you can scroll and switch pages)
    • New Feature : You can now display an in-app only once by event
    • New Feature : A RichPush template can now be defined using User Interface
    • New Feature : SDK integration is now easier, thanks to Manifest Merger + Updated AndroidManifest for Android Studio, please see Basic Integration
    • Added templates without close buttons and without action bar (these templates are same as default one but with a _nobuttons appended at the end of the filename)
    • A fullscreen banner is now always in fullscreen ignoring any previously defined position by developer
    • Fixed a rare crash when using member feature without network connection
    • Fixed A4SIDProvider minor bug
    • Geolocation now instantly stops after app close (previously about 10 sec after app close)
    • LandingPage webview (A4SInterstitial) state is now preserved on orientation change (page is not reloaded when portrait and landscape are same url)
    • Fixed some minor bugs
    • Better performance and reduced battery usage

    3.0.8 (Minor) - 15 september 2014

    • Added some additional checks to ManifestChecker
    • Fixed some small bugs

    3.0.7 (Minor) - 21 august 2014

    • New Feature : Extended/Multi-lines Notifications -  See userguide
    • Fixed RichPush not opening correctly when intent is reset/modified by a developer
    • Fixed some issues with ManifestChecker
    • In-App click tracking is now only triggered if there's any LandingPage to display

    3.0.5 (Minor) - 21 july 2014

    • SDK is not using anymore : IMEI or/and MAC Address, in order to be compliant with new Google Play Rules
    • In order to retrieve you device id, please download  A4S ID Displayer
    • Advertiser ID full support added. If you want it, please use our GooglePlayServices plugin :  Plugins
    • Added A4S IDFV
    • Fixed a potential crash with Android PackageManager
    • Fixed some crashes with ManifestChecker
    • Fixed a crash when URL Schemas used to open the app is not hierarchical
    • Fixed click customs params that were not broadcasted on “close” button of PopMessage InApp
    WARNING : If you are updating from a previous version, some integration steps changed. Please read below :
    You can remove the following permissions :


    The following receiver is now  REQUIRED and have to be added into your AndroidManifest.xml



    You can find more informations on :  Basic Integration

    3.0.3 (Minor) - 21 may 2014

    • Fixed a crash when setGCMEnabled(false) is called without GooglePlayServices plugin added
    • Fixed orientation problem on some native landscape tablets
    • Fixed Browse Button on A4SInterstitial opening an url without replacing some parameters
    • Fixed a rare StackOverflowError with Facebook Login

    3.0.2 (Minor) - 8 march 2014

    • Fixed a rare case of IllegalStateException on analytics tracking
    • Fixed a rare case of ConcurrentModificationException
    • An example of SplashScreen and Deep Linking have been added to A4SSample app
    • SDK uses now a default A4S ID. This means that you don't need to wait to receive this ID to start event tracking
    • If Facebook App Id changes and app is already opened, a new open tracking using this new id will be immediately sent to Facebook
    • Added “source” management when app is opened from a Push Notifications, In App Notifications, etc…

    3.0.0 (Major) - 28 february 2014

    • New Feature : Member ID . Please refer to  Members
    • New Feature : Plugin System . Please refer to  Plugins
    • New Plugin : A4SSDK-GooglePlayServices
    • New Feature : Added sendGCMToken method if you want to manually send your GCM Token to Accengage Servers
    • New Feature : Added sendGeolocation method if you want to manually send new Geolocation to Accengage Servers
    • SDK is now 75% lighter
      • Library (.jar) size is now 360ko (previously 1,3 mo)
      • Methods : 1 100+ (previously 7 000+)
      • Classes : 130 (previously 557)
      • Packages : 29 (previously 56)
      • Interfaces : 14 (previously 92)
    • Added new “HomeMade” JSON Parsing for internal and external classes (and removed Jackson library)
    • Storage system has been completely rewritten (when updating your app, old storage files like InApp Config, Session Data, etc.. will be automatically replaced with new ones)
    • Improved open/install Tracking to be more reliable
    • Improved Javadoc
    • updateUserPreferences is now deprecated. Please use  updateDeviceInfo instead
    • Optimizations and removal of old and useless methods
    • Geolocation feature has been improved to reduce battery usage
    • Improved SplashScreen handling
    • Added “Service Interruptions” to Facebook install/open tracking
    • Bug fix : Unlocking Rich push with setPushNotificationLocked(false) now works correctly when you launch multiple activities (more than 2) while RichPush are locked
    • Bug fix : Facebook tracking and events works now correctly with advertisers campaigns
    • Bug fix : DISPLAY custom params are no longer sent on “CLICK” event

    2.5.3 (Minor) - 26 november 2013

    • Minor fix with JSON Parsing on Environment Urls

    2.5.2 (Major) - 15 november 2013

    • Added Inbox Feature. Please refer to  Using Inbox
    • Added Facebook Event feature (Lead, Purchase, Cart can now be dispatched to Facebook)
    • Added RichPush Lock. You can now use setPushNotificationLocked method in order to prevent RichPush LandingPage to be displayed (useful if you use a SplashScreen)
    • Fixed In-App display in landscape (Portrait banner was displayed instead of landscape one)
    • Fixed Push Tracking (was always on, can now be disabled through Accengage Interface)
    • Fixed a crash with geolocation (in some rare cases, location was sended just after the app has been closed)
    • In-App close button is now bigger
    • Javadoc is now embedded with SDK package
    • Some optimizations

    2.5.1 (Major) - 7 october 2013

    • Fixed a rare in-app crash caused by bad synchronized methods
    • Fixed a bug where AnonymId was not shared between apps

    2.4.4 (Minor) - 12 august 2013

    • Fixed a rare crash when an in-app event raises but the In-App service is stopped

    2.4.3 (Minor) - 8 july 2013

    • Added no_geoloc Metadata for disabling geotag in your app

    2.4.2 (Major) - 12 june 2013

    • Added Facebook Integration
    • Fixed manifestChecker error on devices not supporting GCM
    • Fixed some issues with DoNotTrack
    • Fixed some minor issues with InApp Intents
    • Added Unsecure Push option (Manifest Checker will not throw when push is unsecured)
    • Changed build system to be compatible with the ADT version 22

    2.5.0 - 26 July 2018

    • Update firebase version to 17.0.0
    • Requires Accengage SDK 3.8.0

    2.4.0 - 07 May 2018

    • Now requires Accengage SDK 3.7.0

    2.3 - 02 March 2018

    • Upgrade to Firebase 11.8.0

    2.2 - 13 December 2017


    • Upgrade to Firebase 11.4.2
    • Target Android API 27

    2.1 - 16 August 2017


    • Upgrade to Firebase 11.0.4

    2.0 - 26 June 2017


    • Upgrade to Firebase 10.2.6
    • Min Android SDK is 14 (4.0.1)

    1.0 - 26 June 2017

    • Initial release with Firebase 10.0.1
    • Min Android SDK is 9 (2.3)
    • Required Accengage SDK 3.6.0

    3.3.0 - 26 July 2018

    • Update play services version to 15.0.1
    • Now requires Accengage SDK 3.8.0

    3.2.0 - 07 May 2018

    • Now requires Accengage SDK 3.7.0

    3.1.4 - 02 March 2018

    • Upgrade to Google Play Services 11.8.0

    3.1.3 - 06 October 2017



    • Target Android API 27
    • Upgrade to Google Play Services 11.4.2
    • Fixed a dependency name in plugin-play-services-advertiserid-3.1.2.pom 

    3.1.2 - 06 October 2017



    • The library play-services-ads is removed from dependencies (the size of the dex file is reduced by ~1.2 MB) 

    3.1.1 - 09 august 2017



    • Upgrade to required Google Play Services 11.0.4
    • Downgrade to required Accengage SDK 3.5.4
    • Android O compatibility

    3.1.0 - 26 june 2017



    • Upgrade to required Google Play Services 10.2.6
    • Upgrade to required Accengage SDK 3.6.0
    • Min Android SDK is now 14

    3.0.3 - 26 june 2017



    • Upgrade to required Google Play Services 10.0.1
    • Upgrade to required Accengage SDK 3.6.0

    3.0.2 - 04 november 2016



    • Upgrade to required Google Play Services 9.6.1
    • Upgrade to required Accengage SDK 3.5.1
    • Build with gradle 2.2.1

    3.0.1 - 05 august 2016



    • Upgrade to required Google Play Services 9.4.0
    • Upgrade to required Accengage SDK 3.4.1

    3.0.0 - 23 june 2016



    • Upgrade to required Google Play Services 9.0.2
    • Upgrade to required Accengage SDK 3.4.0
    • Split plugin in differents plugins like Google Play Services

    2.0.0 - 14 april 2016

    • Upgrade to Google Play Services 8.4.0
    • Use InstanceID API for GCM Registration
    • Geofences optimisations

    1.6.6 - 04 may 2016

    • Upgrade to required Accengage SDK 3.3.1
    • Upgrade to required Google Play Services 8.4.0

    1.6.5 - 05 february 2016

    • Add com.google.android.gms:play-services-ads dependency to fix a NoClassDefFound

    1.6.4 - 29 january 2016

    • Replace the Jar with an Aar available on JCenter for an easier integration and a better dependencies management
      Known issue:
      • NoClassDefFoundException: Upgrade to version 1.6.5 or add:

    1.6.3 - 13 november 2015

    • Fixed compilation error when used with Google Play Services 8.1/8.3 + Proguard (Please see  Android issue #187483 )

    1.6.2 - 15 october 2015

    • Fixed GCM unregistration process for new versions of GPS

    1.6.1 - 8 october 2015

    • Fixed some issues with some Backoff behaviors

    1.3.0 - 07 May 2018

    • Now requires Accengage SDK 3.7.0

    1.2.1 - 13 December 2017



    • Upgrade to required Accengage SDK 3.6.4
    • Target Android API 27

    1.2.0 - 11 September 2017



    • Fixed crash on few constructors overlays when Bluetooth is not available
    • Fixed crash when Bluetooth is disabled during scanning

    1.1.0 - 26 June 2017



    • Manage new SDK 3.6.0 new features
    • Upgrade to required Accengage SDK 3.6.0

    1.0.4 - 14 April 2016

    • Manage new SDK 3.4.0 new features

    1.0.3 - 28 January 2016

    • Replace the Jar with an Aar available on JCenter for an easier integration and a better dependencies management

    1.0.2 - 13 January 2016

    • Fixed some cases where other apps can't properly BIND to an already launched BeaconService

    1.0.1 - 13 October 2015

    • Fixed a rare crash

    1.0.0 - 7 September 2015

    • Initial release of the plugin

    1.1.0 - 07 May 2018

    • Now requires Accengage SDK 3.7.0

    1.0.2 - 13 December 2017

    • Target Android 27

    1.0.1 - 26 June 2017

    • Target Android 25

    1.0.0 - 20 January 2016

    • Initial release



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